Innovative design, sustainable and intelligent buildings of the new decade with a connection to nature and spontaneity of life in nature.

Living in harmony with Nature

Investment-developing and projecting company, with specialization in residential development projects. Creating quality and pleasant environment for permanent living, recreation and work. We draw our attention to practically designed houses for the widest possible groups of people, using the latest technologies.


Representation in front of/before the competent authorities, preparation of necessary documentation, to final approval.

An Independent supervision

Inspection of performed works, review of execution according to project documentation, from the beginning of construction works to final approval.

Technical Audit

Detailed technical audit, assessment of technical condition of construction as well as equipment and devices, identification of potential risks.

Construction Budgets

Creation of detailed project budget with report of quantities and dimensions, preparation of construction schedule. 

Building Digitalization

Redrawing of the project documentation of the object into digital form and subsequent measurement of the real state.

Professional Consulting

Problem, technology change or process issues? Consult with a team of experts and estimate the complexity of solutions.

Most pri Bratislave | part Studené

Modern living that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are intensively working on project preparation and launching the sale of houses.

Púpavija | Šaľa

Šaľa, city of many faces, will finally have it’s new block. Project Dandelion Park will offer nature, space, perfect new living near river Váh, surrounded with nature for everyone. 

Matúšová - Bratislava - Buildfit - Exteriér

New luxury living in Bratislava
Matúšová street

Looking for modern living near the city center? Well, this hill-top project od Matúšová street will surely enchant you. 

SIMPLY – place to live, place for experiences, peace and relaxation.

We do not offer only living. We offer a comprehensive civic amenities. Kindergartens, small shops, cafes, a wide range of services to reach directly in the location. Into our projects, we bring the philosophy of harmony with its environment, whether it is greenery, amenities and contribution to the life of the whole community. New quality buildings with modern design, practical layouts of apartments, plenty of light, use of modern technologies, passive houses. We care not only for quality architecture, but also for public spaces.